These are all the forms and documentation we publish for landowners, volunteers, investors and customers. Please scroll down to the bottom to see the range of files. The documents are generally in PDF format which can be read by all computers/devices using a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Some are classified, but email if you require them.

There are also many videos on YouTube covering everything from B4RN’s company launch to duct installation techniques. 


Customer info pack, contract, wifi help / vonage help / homeplugs / tv help etc
  • WelcomePack 2017

    Residential contract. For all new customers, the Welcome pack and contract

  • VoIPing your home v6

    Getting a free phone line with Vonage.. All the instructions you need to order and install a free phone line.

  • T&C B4RN

    Terms and Conditions - This forms part of your legally binding relationship with B4RN when you take service, along with our Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Sipgate Guide 2017

    Updated Sipgate guide. Free phone line for VoIP service

  • review-of-tp-link-tl-wpa8730-powerlink-kit

    Customer review of powerline adaptors (homeplugs). Many thanks to Ian Thompson for this review of his choice of homeplugs (to take the B4RN signal round the house)

  • Quick Fixes for Slow Connections

    What to do if you think your connection is running slow, or if you see a lot of buffering. Issues are usually caused by indoor wifi networks and extenders. This file helps you find the problem and fix it.

  • Phishing

    What is Phishing? . How to stay safe online.

  • Internet TV and Film v1

    Everything we know about using your B4RN connection to watch TV and Films.

  • Home network help V2

    How to optimise your home network. General advice on extending home networks to every room.

  • Draytek VoIP phone

    Draytek VoIP phone information

  • B4RN Service Level Agreement-domestic v 21..9.17

    This document explains what is covered by B4RN support in terms of the service we provide, including what you can expect from us, and what we would expect from you as a customer.

  • B4RN Battery and UPS backups

    Guide written by the volunteers, Richard and Phil. Explains about Uninterruptible Power Supplies (batteries) for areas where the electricity supply can go off. These units can power the B4RN router so you don't lose your connection.

  • B4RN Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) v3 21.9.17

    Acceptable Use Policy - This forms part of your legally binding relationship with B4RN when you take service, along with our Terms and Conditions.


Share prospectus, share application, loan application, business plan, annual reports etc.

Landowners and volunteers

Wayleaves, shares for work, builders guide, cabinet install guidelines, etc.
  • Work for shares claim form v3 25. 9. 17

    Work for shares claim form for standard installation.

  • Community Starterpack

    Basic starter pack for communities wanting to join B4RN

  • Cabinet Base Plans v1

    #RESTRICTED#. Available only from the B4RN office. Plans for laying the base of a 2-bay cabinet.

  • Building B4RN Guide v1

    #RESTRICTED#. Available only from the B4RN office. This essential guide covers all tasks that volunteers and landowners will need to help build the B4RN network.

  • B4RN Wayleave Agreement

    All duct routes must have wayleaves signed by the corresponding landowners before installation begins. A map showing the agreed route should also be attached. 10/10/15

  • B4RN Health & Safety v1

    #RESTRICTED#. Available only from the B4RN office. All volunteers, staff and contractors working on the B4RN project must read this booklet. Printed copies are made freely available to all workers.