These are all the forms and documentation we publish for landowners, volunteers, investors and customers. Please scroll down to the bottom to see the range of files. The documents are generally in PDF format which can be read by all computers/devices using a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Some are classified, but email if you require them.

Our FAQs page covers many standard questions our customers have asked us. Please use this link to access our FAQs page.

There are also many videos on YouTube covering everything from B4RN’s company launch to duct installation techniques.

Customer Documents

B4RN Contract Pack and other important customer documents.

Customer Help

Some useful guides and troubleshooting documents, mostly written by our volunteers.


Information about investing in B4RN and application forms.


Handy documents for volunteers like install guides and the Code of Conduct.


The contractor Code of Conduct. Other items coming soon.


Wayleaves information for landowners.