• You must have already completed a service request through Get B4RN – if you haven’t already done so, please do that now, then return to this page once you are near your connection date.
  • You must be near your connection date – i.e. your garden dig is done and your house kit installed. If this hasn’t happened, contact your local volunteer group (some links to them can be found here).
  • Connect+ requests must be made and approved before your B4RN service is made live.

Introducing Connect+

Connect+ is a new way for people to get connected to B4RN’s gigabit full fibre broadband without having to wait for their existing provider’s deal to end.

If you’re stuck in a contract that has 12 months or less to run, you can get B4RN service for only a £5 monthly tariff until your other deal runs out. (Remember: a £60 one-off connection fee still applies.)

Once your existing provider’s contract ends, you’ll move on to your applicable B4RN tariff.

Apply for Connect+

If you haven’t yet signed up to request a B4RN connection, then please do so here. Once you have completed the B4RN connection request form, please return to this page to apply for Connect+.

If you have already signed up to request a B4RN connection, have ducting and termination boxes fitted to your house, and would like to apply for Connect+, then click the button below:



Connect+ Example

The following example is based on a household on our primary £33/month tariff:

You have 7 months left on your contract with your current broadband provider. You pay them a monthly fee for broadband. With Connect+, we’ll connect you to our 1Gbps full fibre network now (£60 one-off connection fee applies) – you’ll continue to pay your current provider while paying B4RN just £5/month. At the end of those 7 months you’ll move on to your applicable B4RN tariff.

Find Out More

Contact the Connect+ team on 01524 917560 or