B4RN has fully launched Connect+ across its gigabit full fibre broadband network.

Connect+ is a new way for people to get connected to B4RN’s gigabit full fibre broadband without having to wait for their existing provider’s deal to end.

If you’re stuck in a contract that has 12 months or less to run, you can get B4RN service for only a £5 monthly tariff until your other deal runs out. (Remember: a £150 one-off connection fee still applies.)

Once your existing provider’s contract ends, you’ll move on to B4RN’s standard tariff, most likely £30/month.

The full launch of Connect+ comes following a successful trial in our ‘B4RN Village’ projects of Halton, Levens and Caton – with more than 120 customers taking advantage so far.

B4RN CEO Michael Lee said: “We hope it will help us to get more people in a single project area connected at the same time, and ultimately it will enable us to welcome more people onto the B4RN network, more quickly.”

To apply and for full details and eligibility head to b4rn.org.uk/connectplus – remember, you must have filled out a service request at Get B4RN before applying for Connect+. Furthermore, it’s best to apply for Connect+ when you’re nearing getting connected (i.e. you’ve done your garden dig and your house kit is installed).

Example of Connect+:

The following example is based on a household on our primary £30/month tariff:

You have 7 months left on your contract with your current broadband provider. You pay them a monthly fee for broadband. With Connect+, we’ll work to connect you to our 1Gbps full fibre network (£150 one-off connection fee applies) – you’ll continue to pay your current provider while paying B4RN just £5/month. At the end of those 7 months you’ll move on to your applicable B4RN tariff, usually £30/month.

Contact the Connect+ team:

Tel: 01524 917560 or Email: connectplus@b4rn.org.uk