B4RN in Caton

Caton’s gigabit full fibre broadband network has gone live!

Villagers can now enjoy B4RN thanks to years of work by local volunteers and the more recent arrival of the ‘B4RN Village’ contractors.

The local cabinet went ‘live’ on Friday morning, with the lights coming on connected customers’ routers.

This is the culmination of four year’s dogged work for the local volunteer B4RN group. They’ve given their time and skills to make sure everyone who wants a B4RN connection in the village gets one.

Lead volunteer Phil Hughes said: “The vision was to get Caton to be a hyper-fast, future proofed fibre village. It took four years of dogged work to get as far as having the school and one property live.

“Then these last three months all systems went ‘go’ and there has been a whirlwind of activity, with contractors and volunteers working extremely hard. There was great elation amongst the volunteer group on Friday as many more properties started going live. We have headed into the home stretch and the end is in sight.

“The events of the last 18 months have shown the need for a fast resilient broadband network. All the properties in the village who want a B4RN connection will be coming live online in the next couple of months, and the network is there for all others to join in the future.

“Well done B4RN and the residents of Caton!”

The network build will also shortly be complete – people in Caton can still sign up for 1000Mbps broadband at b4rn.org.uk/getb4rn. If you’re stuck in a deal with another provider, you can take advantage of Connect+ (full details at b4rn.org.uk/connectplus).

Details on getting your home ready for B4RN with your garden dig and house kit install can be found below.

Local MP, Cat Smith, said: “Following the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we all have the same access to broadband. So many of us are now working from home but without reliable Wi-Fi it’s impossible for those living in rural areas to take advantage of more flexible ways of working. Thanks to B4RN my constituents in Caton now have the same opportunities as people in urban areas to run their businesses, do their homework, access services, book leisure activities and connect with clients, colleagues, friends and loved ones across the world.

“B4RN is a brilliant example of how a Non-Profit Community Benefit Society can transform lives. Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to bring 21st century technology to an area that can trace its history back to the Vikings!”

B4RN contractors have been using a narrow trenching, 100mm, dig model along the pavements and roads – dropping a Toby Box outside each property.


Your local group will be able to advise you about digging in ducting through your garden to your wall and about house kit installations. Phil Hughes is the local volunteer coordinator – Tel: 07796045796 or email: catonphil@gmail.com

Meanwhile, a list of Independent B4RN Approved Contractors who will be able to do the work can be found here.

A website with more information about the Caton Village work and the wider Caton & Brookhouse project can be found here.