As stories come in from our survey we’ll put them here, so keep checking back and if you have a story please do the survey and submit your photos/drawings/videos with your account of how having good internet has helped you during lockdown. Thanks all! The survey can be accessed from this link: B4RN survey

Anne Mackinnon, artist.

Anne Mackinnon from Sedbergh has been 3 months in Lockdown as she’s been shielding her husband. She is an artist, and self isolating but she has carried on working. She’s been using a laptop, a tablet and a phone to keep in touch with family and friends.
This is her story and a film she made for a Cumbrian Primary School.

“I have kept in touch with local and national news via my B4RN connection. Virtual socialising has been fun, including an online quiz. I have ordered goods online, watched tv, films, radio and music and done online courses and research. I’ve mainly used Zoom and also conference calling. They were both new to me.

Each year I run a painting workshop as part of an Art Day at a Junior school in Cumbria.
This year as the children were at home, I was asked if I would make a video setting the children a task for their At-Home Art Day!
I decided to show them my studio and do some drawing demonstrations which they could follow.
My 11 year old great niece showed me how to use iMovie via little videos she sent me in Whatsapp, (she lives in Walsall) which meant I could do all the videos separately in iMovie and join them together as one. (I didn’t even know iMovie existed, so I have learnt a new skill).
This meant it looked much more professional and clear. I emailed it to the school and they posted it on their Facebook page.
It received many views and likes and some children showed their paintings.

I was also able to submit drawings of mine which will be included in a book, ‘Dreaming through the Lockdown Glass’, to be published by a Lakeland publishing company.
Lockdown has been very productive”.

B4RN and Hula Hoops

During lockdown, we have endeavoured to keep our community fit, entertained and in contact with each other in the following way.

Local people, living in Cowgill have salvaged small pieces of the orange ducting, that have been left over since the installation of B4RN a few years ago and delivered them to our home at Stone House. Colin has made them into hula hoops and we have delivered them to anyone who has requested one.

A Hula hoop

 These have in the main, been people who run on a Sunday (before lockdown) with Cowgill Shufflers.
hula hoops
We have challenged everyone to learn to hula. Their videos of attempts and successes have been shared, with quite a lot of amusement. After lockdown, we hope to have a social hula-hoop session. The high speed broadband has allowed us to create these groups and to share videos and photos  with ease.
hula hoops