Jorj is awarded her spade by Barry. For services to Heversham.

To our volunteers, Jorj Haston is a familiar face. She usually doles out the spade awards to them but recently got a taste of her own medicine.

A personalised spade was made and presented to her by Barry, a champion in Heversham, during a short, socially distanced break. It’s in recognition of all the help she’s given communities over the last few years.

It was appropriate the award, at the end of October, happened during a day of heavy rain and strong wind – Jorj was still out there helping people get their gig despite the weather.

Jorj previously got a spade back in the days she was volunteering with B4RN for her local community, so this makes her an extremely rare DOUBLE spade holder. The only other such instance is Frank the Blow, awarded his B4RN spade for Cantsfield but then receiving one from Overtown too (as well as the keys to the city!).

Well done Jorj!

The spade reads: “Just Flippin Splice IT B4RN Jorj”