B4RN’s Bruce Alexander, now retired, awards an MBE spade to a volunteer

The work of B4RN is recognised by one of our suppliers – Sumitomo – in their latest company e-magazine.

The latest issue of iD features some great photos of B4RN’s work with the Japanese firm’s splicers, both out in the field and in people’s homes.

They include a shot of recently retired B4RN stalwart, Bruce Alexander, who was with B4RN from the start and had his own Sumitomo splicer, which he loved!


David Randall, from Sumitomo, says the relationship began in 2013: “I was inspired by the innovative idea and vision to support the local community by building information infrastructure. We supported their activities and strengthened the relationship by lending our fusion splicers free of charge for a certain period.”

B4RN’s Alex and Ronan put Sumitomo’s kit through its paces

B4RN engineer Alistair Adams-Huset, is featured in the article too: “The northwestern part of England is humid, cold, and rainy. Sumitomo Electric’s products are highly valued for ensuring robustness and air tightness, which make it possible to use the products in any environment, and to enable smooth fusion splicing.

“Even if problems arise, such as contamination with foreign matter, it is possible to take action and make repairs on site. This is highly helpful.”

One other picture we were pleased to see was the fusing table designed by another B4RN retiree – Iain Roberston. It was designed specifically for us, featuring bespoke fibre holders!

A table designed by B4RN retiree Iain Robertson, with bespoke fibre holders!