B4RN volunteers and staff – new and old – feature in an Oxford academic’s latest article.

Dr. Kira Allmann is no stranger to B4RN, having visited us many times as part of her studies. Her latest piece was published in The Conversation this week. You can read it by clicking here.

The long-form piece is about B4RN’s rural communities that have built their own internet network – and how they’ve been getting & keeping people connected during the Covid-19 lockdown.

It has lots of examples of volunteers in action and their anecdotes.

One extract, titled Resilience, reads: “Lockdown has highlighted the importance of the internet. But, paradoxically, B4RN’s model for success has more to do with the power of human connections that have long been integral to geographically isolated rural communities”.

Meanwhile, B4RN itself has been collecting stories about how our staff, volunteers and customers have been coping with lockdown. You can still submit your take on Covid-19 lockdown by completing the survey here.

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