Many thanks to John Hamlett for preparing this useful fact sheet, VOIPing your home v2 outlining the steps to set up your VoIP phone service, using your existing telephones. This is the updated version. He has chosen to use the Vonage service, but there are many others if you just search online.

B4RN will provide its own service one day once the network build is completed and large enough to support the service.

If you do decide to dispense with your expensive land line phone you will save £16 a month on rental. The vonage service is £7 a month with all calls free, apart from 08 numbers of course.

Make sure that if you haven’t a mobile phone that you purchase a battery back up in case of power cuts, as your phones won’t work if the power is off.

All the details are in the fact pack. Good luck, leave comments here if you want any help or find other services you would like to recommend. This is a link to a short video showing the setup of the vonage system: