B4RN staff and volunteers have been active in the snowy valleys of Lancashire.

New customer Ben – who lives in Dunsop Bridge – is very happy with his new connection! Not only is he saving money, he’s getting hyperfast speed and fantastic upload capability.

Ben was on BT, paying £45 a month for 20Mbps download and 8Mbps upload. He’s now on more than 300Mbps on Wi-Fi and when he does a test on the computer with an ethernet cable he can expect more than 900Mbps symmetrical and a saving £15 a month!

This is Ben in Dunsop Bridge, just connected today to the B4RN service.

Steve Bennet a community volunteer patching Ben’s connection into the B4RN internet.

John Whitney, a community volunteer is splicing Ben’s connection.

Very remote community at Dunsop Bridge.

A BT speed test on Ben’s phone before the B4RN service.

Same phone does a test using the B4RN service with the usual brilliant ping.