Dear B4RN Customers,

You will be pleased to know that since my last update in July our team have been working behind the scenes to improve overall core network resilience and capacity. This means to say that we are now able to communicate with the rest of the internet (the world) at a much higher speed in Manchester to allow for increased demand on the network both now and into the future, including direct links to mainstream content providers and search engines.

In addition to the increased capacity mentioned above, we must also do our utmost to protect your service from main line service interruptions. In order to achieve this we must connect to the internet in more than one place. Scotland was the logical choice for us and we are making it a reality by commissioning a northbound fibre link into Edinburgh, which, like Manchester, is another meeting point with the rest of the internet.

The first phase of this new link into Edinburgh involves upgrading our core router in Manchester to one with double the capacity of the original; this will be commissioned on Wednesday 9th November between 01:00 and 03:00, all customers will experience a short outage whilst this work is carried out.

All the major projects aside, we have been working on your suggestions and comments sent in earlier this year:

Service/Planned Outages

  • We now have a Network Status page on our website which will be updated with both Planned Engineering Works and details on any Service Outages we encounter. You can find the page by visiting our website, navigating to ‘B4RN Service’ at the top of the page, and then clicking ‘Network Status’ in the menu. Or you can use the direct link
Automated reply to email
  • Our internal Helpdesk System will reply to confirm receipt of your email to and include information on how to get in touch with us regarding your enquiry. Please use this email address for technical questions and any connectivity issues you experience in relation to the B4RN Service, for all other enquiries and general questions please use
As a reminder, you can always get in touch with us over the phone to speak to our teams by calling the office on 01524 555887 or the Helpdesk team directly on 015242 38499.

Tom Rigg,
Head of Networking.