One of the B4RN Committee Team members, Chris Conder has been attending the Digital Agenda Assembly this week in Brussels. She is there not so much representing B4RN directly, (although I’m certain she will not let any opportunity pass to promote it), but in her capacity as a Rural Broadband Champion/Campaigner. She is holding the role as one of the “animators” which I think is some sort of moderator for the various workshops.

It would seem that many useful discussions have been had and many contacts been made. There has been much interest in the B4RN project. Earlier today Chris met for a chat with Neelie Kroes, the Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe. She has expressed interest in the past around what B4RN is doing and has also sent her support recently.

Here is a photo of Chris and Neelie taken earlier today.

Neelie Kroes and Chris Conder

Chris Conder enjoying a cuppa and a chat with Neelie Kroes
Thanks to Jelena Vasic for the photo

fibre bracelet photo

Majella O’Dea fastening the fibre bracelet onto Neelie’s wrist.


Neelie Kroes opens the Digital Assembly Plenary wearing the fibre bracelet

Neelie opens the plenary wearing the pink fibre from B4rn as a bracelet.