B4RN contractors installing ducting.

B4RN’s village build programme has made its first connections in Halton.

“B4RN Village” runs alongside our traditional rural projects – the Halton network will serve c1,000 properties.

Work by our contractor, alongside volunteers, began in July and within months the first customers are ready for their 1Gbps full fibre service.

Local volunteer Robert Thompson said: “It’s been five hard years in the planning for the B4RN 4 Halton team, but we are delighted to be able to have such a world-class telecommunications connection available for the village for the first time. B4RN is future-proofing the Halton community and providing residents with the option of unrivaled service, the likes of which we may not have seen for many, many years to come.

“The biggest thank you to the B4RN 4 Halton volunteers past and present, the planners, house kit fitters, street reps and alike. Without your help, this would not have been possible. These are people from Halton who have given up their free time to get B4RN here.

Halton resident, Robert Hully, getting his home ready to go live.

“A massive thank you also must go to the B4RN team working in Halton. Elaine & Dom and also the rest of the team who have supported the implementation of ‘B4RN Village’. We are delighted that this has proved the way forward for small rural villages such as ours, who are usually the last on the list for receiving such up-to-date technology and infrastructure.”

B4RN used a narrow trenching, 100mm, dig model along the pavements and roads – dropping a Toby Box outside each property.

Caton, Kirkby Lonsdale and Sedbergh are among other villages which could benefit from these techniques in future.

All works are carried out within approved planning and streetworks applications. Pedestrian & property access is always considered and diversions of the existing pathway around the construction works applied where necessary.

A community dig in 2019.

B4RN 4 Halton volunteers and B4RN staff at the Halton cabinet.