B4RN’s charges are made up of a one-off £150 connection fee (exclusions may apply, see below), and a monthly service fee. The connection fee for the 10Gbps service is £360. You can have B4RN installed and start taking service immediately, or you can delay taking service until you’re ready, or when your current phone/broadband contract expires.

Please see our full price list here – B4RN Price List February 2021.

Below are our most popular packages. All prices include VAT at 20%.


£150 connection
£30/month service

Non Domestic Users

NOTE: Businesses could have their connection fee waived if they successfully apply for government voucher funding.

• Micro businesses (1-5 site staff)*
£150 connection
£30/month service

• Small businesses (6-15 site staff)*
£150 connection
£60/month service

• Medium businesses (over 15 site staff)*
£150 connection
£150/month service

*Holiday cottages, caravan sites, schools, larger businesses, hotels, churches etc all have special pricing plans that take into account their special circumstances.

10Gbps Service

£360 connection
£150/month service


Connection Fee Exclusions

Most customers will pay a £150 (inc VAT) connection fee when their B4RN service goes live.

The following exclusions may apply:

– Business customers who successfully apply for government gigabit voucher funding have their connection fee waived.

– Customers who are investors in shares and have invested £1,500 or more in a single transaction have their connection fee waived. Find out more about investing here.

– Larger investors may donate a free connection to a customer/property (an investor can donate a maximum of four free connections).

– Customers who move into a property where the connection fee has already been paid do not need to pay a connection fee.