We have decided to reorganise how B4RN is going to operate in the East Anglia area.

The main difference is that we are changing back to the standard model we have used in all our other parish builds in the North West, with the local volunteer team for each parish working directly with B4RN HQ rather than through an additional regional team. The additional layer has just added complexity without corresponding benefits. However we recognise the need for some local support to avoid too much long distance travel and improve communications and therefore will be appointing a “Liaison and Planning” person based in East Anglia. This person will work directly with the local parish teams and provide training and support as well as handling external works and act as the glue between HQ and local teams.

Our build plans for Scole, Billingford, Burston, Thelveton and Shimpling are unchanged and we will continue asking for investments to fund them and will build out the routes as rapidly as funding permits.

Once the new person is in post we will be able to work with other areas which are keen to get started.

We would like to thank the volunteers who have given their time and effort to help get the East Anglia project off the ground and look forward to working with you within the parish teams.

With best wishes,

Barry Forde


Broadband for the Rural North Ltd