Welcome to the B4RN Computer Club!

We meet at 2pm on Friday afternoons via Zoom. It is a social get together and there is no question too big or too small for us.

To join our meetings just email ITclub@b4rn.org.uk for an invite. Everyone is welcome. You can stay for the full session or drop in and out (or just ask a question, get your answer, and leave).

Who are we?

I’m Pat. I’m the link between the computer club and the B4RN Technical Helpdesk. I send out the Zoom meeting link on Thursday evenings. Email ITclub@b4rn.org.uk if you want to be added to the mailing list.

Hi, I’m Hugh (usually called Huge!), from Norfolk. I can help with most computer (Windows, macOS & Linux), VoIP (telephone calls over the internet) and networking (Wi-Fi and ethernet) problems.  I don’t know much about iPads & iPhones! I’m generally on the Friday Zoom calls and I administer the Computer Club’s Facebook page.  I worked in IT Security in banking for some years, so I can generally help with that, too!

I’m Ann, I usually help out at the Computer Club on Fridays. I’m pretty good with all things Apple and I’ve also been able to help with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Chris & Clare – we come here to both help when we can and ask about IT things we don’t understand or are causing us problems.

I’m Phil, I can help with general IT but have an interest in all sorts of tech including backup power systems.

I’m Ali and I live in Norfolk. I’m happy to help with general IT issues during the Friday afternoon Computer Club.

I’m David and I got interested in using VoIP (telephone calls over the internet) on B4RN. I produced a document on the B4RN website and joined the Computer Club to exchange experiences and ideas and help anyone wanting to do something similar.

I am Chris, I am one of the B4RN volunteers and really enjoy the Club every Friday because we all learn something new each week, even though often it is about electric cars when no customers come with B4RN questions. We always find lots to chat about and it is good fun.

I am Patrick, I am pleased to assist with most fundamental e-mail issues, as well as advising on the setting up of Wi fi mesh systems, and the re-configuration of old routers to act as wireless access points. Additionally,  I am conversant with both Alexa and Firestick technologies