B4RN’s CEO, Barry Forde, has signed up as the company’s first customer for our 10Gbps service.

The first live speedtest produced results of 8341Mbps download speed and 6644Mbps upload speed*.

The 10Gbps service was launched earlier this year – the reality is very few people can take full advantage of those dizzy heights (due to slow Wi-Fi; hardware limits; and bottlenecks of remote internet servers, among other things).

The 10Gbps service costs £150/month with a £360 connection fee so perhaps it is not for those with a casual interest, just yet. However, the results show what B4RN’s full fibre network is capable of.

“I moved myself onto the 10Gbps service so that I could do some real world testing to see what is realistically achievable. Lab tests are all well and good but a real customer is better,” said Barry, “It’s a full production service, not a special rigged to give special results. This is what £150/month gives you on B4RN.”

*The speedtest.net (Ookla) result was conducted using Barry’s personal home desktop computer with an Intel x550 10G ethernet card connected to their Zyxel router. The FTTH line itself was linked at 10Gbps back to B4RN’s Quernmore node around 2km away.