B4RN is firing up its village build programme, called “B4RN Village”, to run alongside its traditional rural projects.

Halton is the first area to benefit – a network to serve nearly 1,000 properties will be built.

Some preparation work and soft-digging began there this week (commencing 20th July).

Caton, Kirkby Lonsdale and Sedbergh are among other villages which could benefit in future.

B4RN’s CEO, Barry Forde, said: “We have quite a number of largish villages, typically ~1000 properties, which we have skirted round in the past as our ‘across the fields and up the garden’ model doesn’t work there. Too many road locked properties.”

B4RN will be using a narrow trenching, 100mm, dig model along the pavements and roads – dropping a Toby Box outside each property.

Barry added contractors will be used: “We are starting with a 5 man team delivering 60m of dig per day, climbing to an 8 man team delivering 120m per day and then adding additional 8 man teams as we settle in. The target is a 1000 property village per 6 months per 8 man team.”

All works will be carried out within approved planning and streetworks applications. Pedestrian & property access will always be considered and diversions of the existing pathway around the construction works will be applied where necessary.