A newly connected church in the Allen Valleys now plans to live stream all its services, thanks to B4RN.

Holy Trinity in Whitfield got its gigabit symmetrical connection in March thanks to the hard work of local volunteers with B4AV.

Like dozens of other places of worship throughout the B4RN network, Holy Trinity will receive free service.

During the pandemic, online worship has proven a success elsewhere. However, the mobile signal at this 160-year old church would have made that problematic.

Churchwarden Sarah Blackett-Ord says there’s no issue now: “We are delighted that our large Victorian church will be kept ’in the loop’ by the recent installation not only of an internet connection but of a super, super fast one. B4RN have also connected most of the businesses in our village so it’s already making a difference to both the quality and volume capacity in our community.

“We intend to live stream services from this Church from mid-April. Having this fast and secure internet capability will make a massive difference to us. We are very grateful to B4RN and the brilliant volunteers who have made this possible.

“Amazingly, due to B4RN’s generous community spirit, we will not have to pay for the running costs of this connection. This is particularly helpful during the pandemic when funds are even shorter than usual.”