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November 29th, 2011
Author: Chris Conder
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Massive amounts of press coverage for the project, including spreads in farming magazines, newspapers and many blogs. We have put many of them here on this page:

January 26th: Can the strategy that raised enough money for a new Packers’ stadium finance a rural broadband network?  Communities in Vermont USA and rural Lancashire, England, have kicked off efforts. By Craig Settles  http://www.dailyyonder.com/score-two-rural-broadband-teams/2012/01/25/3712

On receipt of the “B4RN is go!!” press release:

“The B4RN project is ambitious. There are few FTTH community owned, built, operated and managed projects in the world; yet those that there are have shown that vision and effort = multimegabit networks that deliver much more to the end users than just numbers”. “Was there ever any doubt?!” James Enck, https://eurotelcoblog.blogspot.com/  Eurotelcoblog

January news:

The B4RN project sheds light on rural broadband problems ia … BroadbandWatcher

Some of you might be acquainted with the non-profit broadband project, also known as B4RN (Broadband for Rural North), which has recently revealed what ...

B4RN Project Launch Video Explains Key Issues for UK Rural …

NEWS B4RN Project Launch Video Explains Key Issues for UK Rural Broadband Provision « ISPreview UK News.




B4RN project launched « The Final Third First Campaign

B4RN is go!! We have passed the target number of households who want a true broadband connection. Company and share launch was 15th December.finalthirdfirst.wordpress.com/2011/12/…/b4rn-project-launche…

30th December2011 the year in review


B4RN Expands Community Broadband in Rural England:http://www.muninetworks.org/content/b4rn-expands-community-broadband-rural-england


B4RN ends the technology year on a high.

Locally funded broadband on the increase in rural Britainhttp://online-broadband-guide.co.uk/locally-funded-broadband-on-the-increase-in-rural-britain/00835

Audioboo – ‘after the event’ by Brian Condon:After the presentations at the B4RN Launch (mp3)

Audioboo interview with Barry Forde by Brian Condon:Barry talks about B4RN (mp3)

#B4RN Broadband For The Rural North Project Kicks Off http://opticalreflection.com/2011/12/b4rn-broadband-for-the-rural-north-project-kicks-off/

B4rn launches to a full house in Lancaster thinkbroadband.com B4rn launched its share scheme with the aim of raising some £2 million to fund the build of its full fibre to the premisesnetwork covering an initial phase 

DIY fibre broadband BBC NewsThe B4RN project aims to bring 1Gb/s broadband to homes in theTrough of Bowland and the 

At an event in Lancaster this afternoon, the B4RN campaigners, BBC News

Rural Lancashire Folk Building Their Own Fibre Network Gizmodo UKThe B4RN project needs to raise £1.86min funding to pay for cables and conduits, plus the cost of training up the locals to install the cabling themselves. 

B4RN is potentially the most significant telecoms business of recent times because it could show rural communities worldwide the way to access high speed br0kent3l3ph0n3.wordpress.com/…/b4rn-raising-gets-off-the-…

B4RN-raising gets off the ground, NFU promises help 


B4RN – Broadband For The Rural North | digital-citizen.co.uk

by brian_condon on December 15th, 2011. Heading to Lancaster and the launch of “B4RN” an innovative project in bringing FTTH to the people, by the people. …digital-citizen.co.uk/wordpress/?p=1433 Tweetreach report for #B4RN click here thanks Brian (Condon)

The offical Bay Radio report11th December

On 15th December – Residents in North Lancashire will launch Fibre Optic Broadband Company (by Countryside Alliance)

Interview on Radio Oxford, audioboo:Rural broadband and #barn on bbc radio Oxford (mp3)

B4RN community broadband project to launch internet service provider ComputerActive.co.ukThe Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) community broadband initiative is to formally launch as an internet service provider (ISP) on 15 December. …

Rural Lancashire fibre broadband project set to proceed Telecompaper The B4RN (Broadband 4 the Rural North), community initiative set up to initially set up a super-fast, fibre-optic (FTTH) broadband network across eight …

FTTH B4RN-raising in a fortnight « Br0kenTeleph0n3 B4RN (Broadband 4 the Rural North) already has 700 of the 622 home owners needed for the project to break even. At this rate, the project will quickly recoverbr0kent3l3ph0n3.wordpress.com/…/ftth-b4rn-raising-in-a-fort…

Project Moves Toward Rollout of 1Gbps Broadband in …NEWS B4RN Project Moves Toward Rollout of 1Gbps Broadband in Lancashire UK « ISPreview UK News.www.ispreview.co.uk/…/b4rn-project-moves-toward-rollout-o…B4RN hits min threshold for launch – 1Gbps Hyperfast #FTTP …

It’s pleasing to note that B4RN (Broadband For the Rural North) has received enough expressions of interest for the founders to launch the company and movewww.trefor.net/…/b4rn-hits-min-threshold-for-launch-1gbps-h…

November news:



GigabitCity blog

How fibre can go to our rural communities: click here

Radio Lancashire


Gigabitcity blog:


Lancaster Guardian news report about b4rn featuring Barry Forde

Audioboo 5 minute interview about landlords and tennants. By John Popham

August news:

B4rn interview with Sean McGinty on Radio Lancashire (8mins audio) http://tinyurl.com/43dnuec

Farmers Guardian – Community owned high-speed rural broadband project


B4rn deploying 1 gigabit to Lancashire – Whistleout blog:


Britons crowd source gigabit fibre to rural north



1 gbps fibre network to rural parishes in Lancashire

Rural communities still struggling for broadband answers by PC Pro

Rural communities in the North embark on possibly the most ambitious community project yet.

B4RN wants to bring customer-owned Gigabit to Lancashire: http://telcommunicator.blogspot.com/2011/08/b4rn-wants-to-bring-customer-owned.html

USwitch get the zeros wrong… but another useful article:


Rural Campaigners Launch B4RN to Deploy 1Gbps Broadband in Lancashire UK



B4RN storms rural broadband market with 1Gbps symmetic FTTH

5tth – FibrevolutionLaunched! B4RN Broadband 4 Rural North B4RN JFDI FTTH – this is real community at work – not Big Society FTTP

Eric Ollerenshaw in parliament speaking about the project -needs silverlight to play on your computer-click here 


Gavin And Belinda Second Nature Smallban

Stories from out in the field from our very happy customers

One residential customer in Over Kellet used to know whether it was worth firing up her computer by looking out of her front window to see what the weather was doing with her telephone line.

Customer Testimonial

We juggle two jobs from home, and it’s just been a game-changer. Just sign up! It’s the best internet service I’ve ever received, and I’ve moved a thousand times!
Georgiana, Dentdale
It has allowed us to improve our farm business through the implementation of Wi-Fi heat detection ankle bands on our herd, and thus improving our business productivity.
Heather Whalley, Farmer
OMG it is amazing! I don’t want to go back to London, which was faster than here, but not now! Just to say a BIG THANK YOU to all you guys, what a great thing you are doing. I’m shocked not everyone is signing up!
Customer in Norfolk
After lambing 1300 ewes a good film is what I want to watch and because we have B4RN that is no problem. Just enables me and my family to get on.
Farmer (Anonymous)
It’s like going from a Ford Anglia to a jet engine!
Jackie Frankland, Rathmell

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