First chamber of the day before the rain came

Hello Autumn, your colours are starting to be as beautiful as ever, but we don’t welcome the rain… the B4RNstormers have to adapt though, and a 50 year old landrover (thanks Sheena) is called into service as well as a toilet tent which can be quickly put up if a shower comes.

Work is progressing on the Quernmore route to connect all the houses on the fibre already blown towards Littledale. Not many homes on the route, but all are important to B4RN, most of these properties have no internet unless they get expensive satellites.

Soon we will also have the loan of a Freelander which Iain is going to build an awning for so we can operate whatever the weather.

The second share issue has a few more months to run, but be sure to get your shares now if you want them and then you qualify for a free connection if you become a foundation member. Details are here Shares link if you want to download the share prospectus or a share form.


This is a short video of work progressing up Littledale towards Roeburndale to complete a big section of the core route before Winter sets in.

Only a short dig now into the village of Wray to finish and customers to connect on the way.

The cabinet has been delivered to Wray and looks very smart. Thank you to the chapel for agreeing to host it on their land, it will provide connectivity to all the farmers and they can livestream the services to the elderly who can’t always get to chapel in winter. The people in Wray are busy digging the ducting into their properties ready for when the main route joins them from Roeburndale.

cabinet arrives in Wray

Iain measuring up where the shed has to fit.


Cabinet unwrapped, and Phil is the first to open it up to have a look inside.






Work has progressed at the end of Arkholme route 5, and the people of Keerside will be connected this week. More have been connected in Abbeystead with the great work done at Lower Lee to get them online after they lost their dial up connections. Lower Lee Photo album click here

All systems go for B4RN, with the community spirit showing up every where.

Great coverage by BBC click for the amazing work done by the Gressingham diggerers, Their fibre is now blown connecting the village to Arkholme.

Blot on the horizon was Network rail refusing to let us use their bridge to cross the River, so now we need to save up for an UnderTheRiver dig. That’s why we want more shareholders, so please do consider investing, its a fantastic project to be involved in. Even the best efforts of our loyal MP Eric Ollerenshaw didn’t manage to persuade them to help us, a simple duct over the bridge would have taken 20 minutes to lay. so much for ‘Big Society’.

Watch this space for news of the AGM, we’ll make a party out of it and make sure the venue has gigabit hyperfast internet access. And there will be cake.

Dolphinholme got their cabinet this week too and have already built the plinth. There are lots of photos on the friends of Dolphinholme facebook page here: and thanks to Allen for his photographic skills recording all this for posterity.

Dolphinholme Plinth and B4RNstormers


Dolphinholme Plinth and B4RNstormers by Allen Norris






  1. Keerside was joined on to the network yesterday, photos here:

  2. Are there any plans to bring the fibre optic cables as far up the Lune Valley as Burton-in-Lonsdale?

    Best regards

    • We don’t make plans, the communities themselves make the plans and we help them to make it happen. good luck.