The timeline is deliberately aggressive and short because the time to do future-proofed Gigabit Fibre To Every Home is NOW. The cost of delays in deploying FTTH have already cost this country untold billions of pounds in economic, social and environmental benefits. B4RN has been set up to once-and-for-all resolve the problems that are being faced in rural areas and prove that there is an economically viable and replicable path for the 30% of rural UK known as the Final Third. 

The Final Third has been identified as suffering market failure for future years of superfast broadband deployment by industry. Yet, our business plan would seem to contradict that notion that rural areas must suffer.  It demonstrates a superior alternative and commercially viable method of solving the digital divide for 20+ years to come is achievable.This is a community effort. We, as much as any other resident of this area of Lancashire, are acutely aware of what is being asked of everyone. So, we ask you to think about the project and talk over with family and friends the level of commitment that you are willing and able to take to support this project.

This community can lead the way for many other rural businesses, farms, and consumers who want to see the job done once, and done correctly.

(There are archives of the previous timeline on the old b4rn website if other communities wish to see the order in which the timeline has worked)


  • Share launch



  • Time to start digging! First, the core network and digital village pumps will be installed. We anticipate, weather permitting, that this will take approximately 3 months.
  • Train all teams for digging, fibre installation and fusion splicing.
  • Connect all properties in Phase 1. 72,000 metres of trench along 11 routes will be required to connect the first 339 properties across 8 parishes.
  • Connect all 983 properties along 26 routes totalling 182,086 metres of trench.
  • Ongoing design of Phase 2


  • Expressions of interest and marketing to Phase 2


  • If sufficient interest, begin the roll out of FTTH to 1781 properties across 14 further parishes.
  • Weather dependent, complete roll out across Phase 1 and more on phase 2


  • Weather dependent continue roll out 
  • Second share issue
  • Ongoing design of further phases depending on interest shown by them.
  • Expressions of interest and marketing to Phase 3
  • If sufficient interest, begin the rollout of FTTH to 2059 properties across a further 4 parishes.