Special for Valentines day, sponsor a metre for your sweetheart and get your message on the duct!

Update: our first sponsor photos are here – the livestream of the first names is here

During a conversation with Ken Fallon on a radio podcast the idea of sponsorship was born. The plan so far, is that for a donation of £5 you can sponsor a metre of our fibre duct. In return we put your name on a metre of duct and take a photo of it. Your metre of the B4RN network with your name on it will be buried on a Lancashire upland farm for posterity, and your generosity will enable another metre to be laid in our community network.

Our minimum shareholding in B4RN is £100, and that is too much for some people, and we have been asked if we could allow smaller donations. We had a think, and we put a donate button on the site where you can donate anything you like, from a pound or a dollar to a million…

Sponsor a Metre for B4RN

Sponsor a Metre for B4RN

There is a button on the right hand side of this page, you can pay with PayPal and a photo gallery will be published with all the names on. We are about to lay another 500 metre stretch of the very fat duct next week going into the hub, so if you want your name on that act quickly. The smaller duct is being laid all the time, but the fat one is the best because we can write your name much bigger!

If you want extra metres then please email us the names you want on it when you have donated. Why not buy a family batch? Special offer, 5 names for £20.

Rather than a person’s name, you may want the name of your business to be on the duct and the photo gallery. If you do then that’s fine too.

Why not buy a metre now, and support this brilliant community initiative?

Another of our little videos here, you could always sponsor one of those too?


  1. This is such a fabulous initiative – talk about grass roots!
    Yes, I’m sitting in London with some pretty decent broadband access.
    But I’ll bet I’m not alone in wanting to sponsor this project because the idea is so right. And if we all get together and replicate this idea, everyone in Britain can benefit.
    I can’t wait to see what my fifty quid helps create.

    • Gosh, Heck, Wow £50? that means I will write your name on it 10 times, in VERY BIG writing! do you want anything else writing on it? 10 metres is a long length.
      Thanks ever so much, we really do appreciate it, you get 10 metres of duct, I will make sure it goes in a special place and take a photo for you.
      cheers from all at B4RN and welcome to our network.

    • Here’s a little video showing your bit of duct Camille, I spelled your name wrong on this bit so I wrote it again for the photo a bit further up… http://bambuser.com/v/2695256

  2. Here’s my £20. I’d like to nominate Bill Murphy, Ian Livingston, Olivia Garfield and Ed Richards to be remembered on the B4RN fibre. Many thanks.

    • Thanks Ian, I will post a photo when the names are on. For posterity.

      We did a special offer, 5 names for £20, is there anyone else you want on too? Or shall I just put your name in a nice spot through some bluebells?

  3. Its an awesome project, we drove through Quernmore on first dig day and wondered what was happening. Moving up to the area in a couple of months so may end up joining the scheme as well.

    • Many thanks for your support! We have just received your sponsorship request. Look forward to seeing you around the area.

  4. We’ve bought shares but I’ve sponsored some metres too. Now all the family are part of b4rn! Including the ones in London, so I hope they tell all their southern friends and they all want some!

    • That’s smashing Hilary, many thanks! I hope they tell their friends too, its a world first as far as we know.
      I will find a nice place for your duct!

    • Hi Hilary,

      Rest assured many of us are pressing very hard for a proper solution to the nation’s broadband woes.
      If you’ve got some spare time just wander around our site here:-


      for an illustration of the Incumbent’s quite disgraceful predatory tactics and the “pigs ear” of their monopolistic antics to provide a partial short-term asymmetric solution for some of the residents.

      You are SO FORTUNATE to have the B4RN team JFDI and doing it properly too !

  5. Just donated £20 but rather than my own name I’d rather like to see Bell Labs listed. Why? because Bell Labs invented a fair bit of the technology that will be used for this project (see e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_Labs)

    • Thanks for your support! We have received your donation and the wording re: Bell Labs.
      Kind Regards.

  6. Just had to send over a £50 donation to this great project. Well done everyone!

    • Brilliant! thanks Richard, the first names were streamed live via your Wibe! http://bambuser.com/v/2695256 we will put your name on the next batch!

  7. Another of those strange city people down south with excellent broadband who likes to see someone doing a good job for the technologically less fortunate rural community.
    Donation sent – and the very best of luck to both B4RN and to the locals who have become involved – keep up the good work.

    • Many thanks Gordon for your generosity. It’s much appreciated. And by the way, you’re no more strange than us Northern folk…..well maybe just a little; after all you do have toilets inside the house :)

  8. Great idea, have sponsored the whole family.


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