Yesterday our new blowing machine arrived. This is due to the sponsorship of three B4RN members, who have bought it in memory of Anton.

Anton was very proud of the project and wanted to buy something to help it succeed. Well it worked a treat Anton, and we’ll soon get caught up with the farmers digging all the ducting in now we have our own blower. ¬†Here is a short 2 minute video of it being tried out yesterday, in appalling conditions. We kidnapped the demo man (Pete) who showed us all the tricks of the trade. He stayed all day, finally escaping once we knew the fibre had made it all the way to the hub. Many thanks Anton and Pete, and well done to Bruce and Tom for their persistance in working no matter what the weather to JFDI for us all.


  1. Another excellent video Chris and full marks for the team to be out in that weather yesterday.

    I have to ask, who was Anton? The donation of the blower is very generous indeed.

  2. Is it Anton Du Brec off come dancing? do we have our first celebrity sponsor?

  3. The sign on the blower said RIP. I saw Anton DB on the telly last night. So I say no.

    • Anton is a local farmer who has just passed away and is tickled that his blower is working and lighting up all the other farms on the way.

  4. Thanks to Anton.I didn’t know him but I’m sure he’d be delighted to see the machine is lighting us up here in N.Lancs.

  5. Anton is my dad and he was the best dad in the world so thankyou chris for a wonderful little video. I can see him giggleing now at that video! I miss you dad so much.