There have been some question regarding the B4RN coverage asked recently especially since the announcement of the Lancashire County Council Superfast Broadband project so we thought it best to reiterate the details of the coverage of the project.

The full hyperfast B4RN service will be available to 100% of the properties of phase 1 

That’s it. Simple.

Every property – not the ‘majority’ or just those in some of the villages, but every single property will have access to one of the fastest and best connections in the world right through the parish.

The current build activity is on the core route of Phase 1. The map below details the coverage which is mostly based on parish boundaries. The five areas coloured grey are not specifically included in Phase 1 however we have had significant interest from these communities and therefore B4RN is spreading into these areas as part of Phase 1 activity, as interest is high enough, depending on funding being sufficient.

Further full parishes will be included in Phase 1 if funding becomes available from Defra. (Those areas are shown on a high definition map -a more detailed map than the one on the page below, but don’t click on it if you are on mobile or dial up as it won’t load).

Future phases are detailed in the business plan.

There is an easy to access parish map below (Parish boundaries have been sourced from MapIt UK.)

View Larger version of this Map

View high definition map (good connections only)

Should anyone wish to refer to the County maps for comparative reasons, they can be accessed here.

Update: Not sure when it happened, but the County have removed their maps from their website. We think that it is because of the many mistakes in them (like putting the map of Claughton near Preston on instead of the Claughton near Hornby which is in the B4RN plan (!) ) If we spot them back online we’ll post another update. Our map remains here on this page. If anyone finds a link to the council maps please post it in the comments then people can make their own judgements.


  1. hi nice to see a more detailed map we are situated in Scotforth cp 1 and are currently building a caravan park for 30 homes at la20rd with diggers and such on site and the next week or so would be a great time to lay some duct to each caravan as we are putting water electric and sewer piping in the next 2 weeks i would like to talk to some one if possible

    • Oops, sorry for delayed response, we’ve been digging madly this weekend and our webmaster was on holiday so I missed checking! I have replied to you by email with contact details. We have to concentrate on the core route at the moment, if you are on that you will be supplied with ducting and full instructions. If you aren’t then we’ll try to figure out another way to help you. Well done for forward planning, you will be the fastest caravan site in the country!

  2. Not only the fastest but with TV video content and VOIP phones all down fibres less than the diameter of a human hair ! This really must be the fourth utility taking off. I wonder if those diggers might meander off towards Quernmore ?