B4RN (Broadband for the Rural North) is pleased to invite applications for the following post:

Civil Engineering Team Leader

Responsible to: Head of Networking

Immediate Subordinates: Civil Engineering Team

Closing date 6th June  email: b.forde@b4rn.org.uk  or  telephone: 01524555887

Salary: £28,000 to £32,000 – depending upon experience, qualifications and personal skills.

Job Description

Main Function

  • Manage the day to day running of the Civil Engineering Team.
  • Take full responsibility for all Street Works operations conducted by, and on behalf of B4RN and its associated project groups.
  • Take an overview responsibility of all Ground Works carried out by volunteer groups for, and on behalf of B4RN.

Special Conditions

  • Ongoing possession of a full, valid class B+E driving licence.
  • Possession and upkeep of an NRSWA Supervisors Certificate.

Main Duties

  • Liaise with the Head of Networking and CEO in establishing the overall project work load in relation to Street Works and Ground Works for the installation of telecommunications ducting and associated equipment.
  • Coordinate and oversee the distribution of the work load to:
    • The Civil Engineering Team.
    • Approved contractors working for, and on behalf of B4RN.
    • Volunteer Groups.
  • Provide training and development for the Civil Engineering Team and Volunteer Groups.
  • Street Works responsibilities and requirements:
    • Liaise with Council Authorities for works noticing using both EtON6 and Section 50 Licence methods.
    • Create works plans based on chosen method of either impact boring, directional drilling or open cuts to, and under maintainable highways.
    • Carry out utility searches for all works via LSBUD and other methods.
    • Create Traffic Management plans to complement works to be carried out.
    • Carry out site surveys to include measurements and picture documentation to complement works plans and to check against B4RN network plans. It may be required that a Council Street Works Inspector is present.
    • Ensure works comply with reinstatement regulation standards and the requirement of the highways authorities.
    • All works carried out follow the NRSWA 1991.
    • Creation of ‘as built’ plans once works are complete.
    • Create and collate Health and Safety documentation for the Civil Engineering Team, contractors and volunteer groups, this includes, but is not limited to, Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

Ground Works responsibilities and requirements:

  • Liaise with B4RN project volunteer groups in the organisation/training/overseeing of works carried out in private land for the installation of telecommunications ducting and associated equipment.
  • Careful control of digging, mole ploughing, impact boring and directional drilling on private land in relation to stream, beck and bridal way crossings along with SSSI and other sensitive areas.
  • Ongoing maintenance of completed telecommunications network infrastructure in relation to Street Works and Ground Works.
  • Organise the necessary materials to complete the works required and ensure prompt delivery to site.
  • Maintain plant machinery and tools in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Ensure all team members complete vehicle and plant log sheets.
  • The use of various computer packages to create detailed plans and update documentation for B4RN, Council Authorities and Volunteer Groups. This includes;
    • Microsoft Office Suite.
    • B4RN GIS system and Council Gazetteers.
  • Such other duties appropriate to the grade as may be directed by the CEO of B4RN or his nominated representatives.

email: b.forde@b4rn.org.uk

telephone: 01524555887

Team Leader – Street Works and Civils

Broadband for the Rural North Ltd (B4RN) is a not for profit community benefit society established to bring world class broadband to the rural areas that would not otherwise get it. It is owned by the community and all its funding comes from within the community.

B4RN is building a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) 1Gbs network across the rural areas of the north west of England. Currently this covers North Lancashire, South Cumbria and the North West part of North Yorkshire County Council. We have over 1700 properties connected to the network and approximately 1000Km of duct in the ground. Over the next few years we will be extending the network substantially and adding about 100 properties per month to our customer base.

The FTTH network build involves laying narrow bore 16mm HDPE duct cross country on private farm land. Once laid we blow multicore fibre cables through the ducts. Access chambers are positioned along the trunk route and from them we dig spur routes using 7mm HDPE ducts into which we blow 2 fibre cables.

Whilst the vast majority of our build is on private land there is a significant number of road crossings needed. We use a mix of impact boring under the road bed, directional drilling and open cuts. We have recently been awarded Code Powers by OFCOM and are now a registered statutory undertaking able to work on the highway and install our ducts in roads and verges. We are deploying Symology’s Insight EtON6 package for electronic notifications to the county highways departments.

So far we have used sub-contractors to do our road works under Section 50 licences. However, now we are a statutory undertaking we want to change how this has been done and run the work with more B4RN control rather than delegation to sub-contractors. As a first step we wish to appoint a team leader to head up our civils team.

The post will require someone with extensive experience of street works and ground works, a good working knowledge of the NRSWA 1991 Act, all H&S aspects of street works, Traffic Management and of course the technical side of reinstatement to regulation standard and the requirements of the Highways Authorities. There will be a significant amount of liaison with the Highways authorities so experience of working with them is highly desirable. The person appointed must hold an NRSWA Supervisors Certificate and a class B+E driving licence is required. A fork lift truck operative’s certificate would be useful but training for this can be organised if necessary. Given the need for site visits and all weather working/supervision the appointee will need to be in good physical condition.

The person appointed will take responsibility for all road crossings and highways working. In addition, he or she will provide a point of contact for community volunteers who are digging on private land where they can go for advice and assistance. Working with these volunteers is a vital part of the job as they are the backbone of the B4RN project and organise the vast majority of the build out. Assisting them with advice, organising materials and their delivery and keeping a watchful eye on them is all part of the job. A significant amount of the digging across private land is done by sub-contractors and again the appointee will be expected to provide coordination and oversight of their work.

We are also going to appoint an internal operational team of two operatives, with the appropriate equipment, who can then undertake some of the road crossings and highways work rather than contracting it all out. This would be under the direct supervision of the team leader. However, we will hold off on this until the team leader is in place and can manage the process and select appropriate staff. The post is full time and permanent.

Starting salary £28-£32K depending upon experience, qualifications and personal skills. There is a workplace  pension scheme in operation.