This blog post was first published in March 2020 and updated in September 2020. We have moved our coronavirus information to a dedicated page which can be found by clicking here.

We at B4RN, and I am sure that I speak on behalf of all our Volunteers and Champions, hope that you are all managing to stay safe in this testing time we all face.

I wish to be clear that B4RN is committed to supporting you, our customer, in ensuring that your Fibre To The Home broadband service is kept online and faults are prioritised and repaired as quickly as possible.

We understand and appreciate that broadband services have now become more essential than ever before in keeping communication channels open and active, and allowing households to work from home, educate at home, order delivery services to the door, and continue on with our daily lives.

The Government has recognised the need to keep these services online and maintained, and so we have been classed as key workers. This is to say that we will continue working to support your service whilst we carry out works with the utmost care.

Our Priorities

  1. B4RN, as a first priority, is committed to maintaining, repairing, and increasing resilience to all current network infrastructure. This includes the continued support of Customer Services and Helpdesk operations.
    1. We have been installing many more battery packs to increase cabinet run times in the event of power loss across the network.
    2. We have been installing more resilient links to cabinets to protect service against cable strikes.
    3. We have increased capacity within our core network to handle any new unprecedented traffic loading.
    4. We have allocated staff and equipment to be mobilised in a solo and isolated fashion to attend faults and issues.
  2. B4RN, as a secondary priority, is committed to connecting new potential customers where it is deemed safe and reasonably practicable to do so whilst ensuring social distancing.
    1. We aim to be as creative as possible when installing new services whilst maintaining quality and high standards, along with abiding by Government Guidelines and rules.
    2. Methods such as DIY installation with engineer walk through instruction over the phone, to solo external fibre blowing and splicing are being adopted.
  3. B4RN as a whole will continue to plan/map/organise/administer/support.
    1. All staff who are able to work from home are now doing so.
    2. Communication channels have been set up in order for us to keep moving forward.
    3. All usual methods to get in touch with our office and staff are working as normal.

Considerations for keeping your B4RN service online

We understand and appreciate that there are currently more pressing matters than looking after your B4RN service, and I stress that it is paramount that the well-being of yourself and your household is considered above all. However I have noted some best practices to reduce problems and issues with your service.

  1. When gardening consider that your fibre duct and cable will be installed from the box on the wall to your boundary, avoid any landscaping/digging along that line.
  2. Keep your router on, do not power it off and on again unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Remove any bulky or electronic items away from your router to allow Wi-Fi to penetrate further.
  4. Your fastest connection will be via Ethernet. Ensure you have your devices connected this way if at all possible.

Keep the communication up! Please use the normal channels to get in touch, Main Office 01524 555887, or Helpdesk 015242 38499

Kindest Regards,

Tom Rigg

Chief Operating Officer