B4RN has introduced new service charges for its customers to meet the high and rising cost of providing its gigabit full fibre broadband service.

The key changes are:

  • The standard residential service charge is being increased for the first time ever, from £30 to £33 a month.
  • B4RN is introducing a Social Tariff of £15 a month, which is available to any customers who are recipients of Universal Credit.
  • Businesses run from home, and holiday lets, will be charged at the standard residential service charge of £33 a month.
  • The connection fee is being reduced from £150 to £60 and will now be payable as monthly instalments of £5 over the first year of service.

The revised service charges will take effect from June, while the reduced connection fee comes in immediately. All customers will still receive 1,000 Mbps symmetrical broadband.

B4RN CEO, Michael Lee, said: “It is costing us more each year to deliver service to our customers. We are setting our service charges at a level which will enable us to continue to deliver our market leading service to our existing customers.”

Mr. Lee added that expansion of the B4RN network continues, saying connecting more communities benefits everyone: “The basic costs of delivering our service, regardless of the number of customers using the service, are high, and increasing. The extra costs of delivering our service to any additional customers are, however, relatively low. Therefore, if we increase our customer numbers, we can deliver our service more efficiently to everyone, and future cost increases can be minimised.

“We are not asking our existing customers to pay for the costs of expanding the network, or to offset the reduced connection fee. Each new B4RN project is entirely self-funding – the build costs, including connection costs, are paid for using money raised from community shares investment, grants, and the Government gigabit voucher scheme and connection fees.”

A dedicated FAQs page has been set up about the Service Charge changes – CLICK HERE.