Last week saw the launch of the latest B4RN fundraising exercise. In response to comments received from people stating that they would like to contribute to the B4RN project but the minimum share purchase of £100 is too much, we have introduced a sponsorship scheme where people can sponsor a metre (or more), of fibre duct.

This has proved extremely popular and after only one week has seen donations coming from all over the world, UK, Holland, France, Belgium and the USA to name a few. On sponsoring, a name can be nominated that will be written on the duct and photographed before being buried in the ground for ever.

There have been children’s names, company names, even BT Executives nominated! The first of these have gone on the duct in that last few days. We have received some extremely supportive messages from people donating that reinforces that fact that B4RN is doing the right thing.

Many, many thanks to all who have contributed so far. Please keep the donations and messages coming.

Here are the first batch of name on the duct. Can you spot anyone you know?